Frequently Asked Questions

How does Domain Champion Work?

Simply start typing in the search box and the availability of your desired domain will be shown instantly. The search is performed on eight popular domain extensions by default (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .co, .me and .us). You can always add the domain extensions of your choice using the add extension sidebar on the right. Domain Champion supports a total of 285 extensions!

If the domain you searched for is available, it will show up in a Green box and you can either buy it using one of the registrars or save it for later review.

Special deal: Using Domain champion you can register domains with for $7.49/year, whereas the domains cost $11.99/year on the Godaddy website!

If the domain you searched for is not available, it will show up in a Red box. You then have the option to visit the website or see the Whois details for that domain

Note: We respect your privacy. The search results are not recorded on our servers. The added extensions and the saved domains are stored in cookies in your browser.

Domain Champion said a domain was available and it wasn’t, how is that?

Domain Champion checks DNS to determine the availability of a domain.

Sometimes Domain Champion will list names as available when they have already been taken. This generally happens when:

  • The Domain was registered during the last 24 hours
  • The Domain is in ‘Redemption Period’, that is it recently expired.
  • The Domain doesn’t have ’A’ DNS record

On the other hand, an available domain will never be shown as taken

What is Domain Champion’s privacy policy?

  • Domain Champion doesn’t store, share or distribute your searches
  • Domain Champion doesn’t perform Whois queries on the domains you search for
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